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About Satiregazette

Satiregazette is news and entertainment for people who love America. As one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing alternative media companies, Satiregazette engages over 64 million people each month through our various media assets, which include Blaze News, BlazeTV, Blaze Live, Blaze Radio, Blaze Podcasts, and our highly engaged social media channels. Satiregazette is unapologetically pro-America and pro-free speech, and although the views of our many hosts and writers are varied and diverse, our opinions tend to fall somewhere on the center-right to right of the modern American political spectrum.


Satiregazette News Editorial Standards
Satiregazette News is your source for news and information, original reporting, and insightful opinions about the stories that matter most.

Satiregazette News holds its correspondents, editors, journalists, and contributors to high journalistic, ethical, and professional standards.

Satiregazette News follows the AP Stylebook except in certain enumerated cases, which are set forth in the Satiregazette News style guide.

If you feel that Satiregazette News has failed to maintain these standards or have a more general comment, please make your feedback known using this contact form.

Our readers put their trust in the Satiregazette News editorial team and our fact-checking, ethics, and corrections policies are designed to safeguard that trust.

Fact Checking Policy
Accuracy is extremely important and the Satiregazette News editorial process has several safeguards in place to ensure accuracy. In today’s hyper-connected world, news moves fast, but that doesn’t mean Satiregazette News is willing to sacrifice accuracy.

As journalists, accuracy is our best defense and most potent means for showcasing the truth in our work. When possible, we reference original sources. Otherwise, a story will cite social media sources or posts, or other news organizations.

Whenever possible, we will avoid anonymous sourcing. However, if important information cannot be reported through traditional on-the-record channels, we will attempt to independently verify information from anonymous sources to a very high degree of confidence. Authors that wish to use anonymous sourcing must reveal the identity of the anonymous source to the managing editor.

We try to identify the source of each fact we cover. When a piece of content is subjective in nature, we mark it as such — as either a Commentary or Op-ed — so the reader understands the piece is based partly on the author’s opinions.

When the fact-checking policy is not met and an error occurs, we will issue a correction. See our corrections policy below for more information.