Tucker Carlson: Tyranny is coming unless someone stops Democrats’ COVID power grab

People living in the nation of Mozambique along the southern coast of Africa woke up to pretty surprising news this week, not a ton has been happening in Mozambique in recent years, but this really rattled them a little bit. The Biden administration informed the people of Mozambique in a presidential proclamation supposedly signed by Biden himself that they are no longer allowed in the United States. It’s nothing personal. It’s omicron, the new COVID variant that has been used to justify lockdowns around the world. The problem is the confusion came from the fact that there was no omicron at the time in Mozambique. There wasn’t a single reported case of it in the country when the proclamation was signed.

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Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ is the very definition of cradle-to-grave, big-government dependency

The contrast between the Democrat and Republican visions for America has perhaps never been sharper. Republicans want to put Americans, not the federal government, in control of their lives and families.

We want to strengthen the American Dream so that more Americans can move up the ladder of success and free themselves from government dependency. Democrats would pull the ladder from aspiring Americans and create a permanent status of government-run mediocrity.

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Biden’s COVID task force is a failure and urgently needs a shakeup

As President Biden announces a slew of new COVID restrictions on Thursday it’s worth taking a look back at the failures of the cast of bunglers and bumblers he has put in charge of what we can and cannot do. It is a shameful record that strongly suggests none of these people should be in charge of an Arby’s drive-thru, much less our pandemic response.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the self-appointed Emperor God of Science, is taking a lot of heat these days, and for good reason. It’s not just his cavalcade of mistakes over the past two years but also his refusal to accept any criticism of himself as even vaguely legitimate.

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On abortion, Supreme Court should let Mississippi and ‘We the People’ decide

None of the Supreme Court justices came to Wednesday’s oral argument in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization unaware of the outsized role the abortion issue has played in our politics and in the place of the Supreme Court in American life ever since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.

They also know firsthand how the issue has poisoned the judicial nomination process. Justices Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh underwent a level of personal vilification unlike anything else to be seen over the last century of Supreme Court nominations. For that we can thank Roe.

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Time to end diplomacy with Iran and admit Trump was right

There is only one course of action after the disastrous resumption of nuclear talks with Iran in Vienna this week and the sharp increase in Iran’s belligerence: end the talks and resume the Trump administration’s policy of harsh sanctions and isolating Iran.

On Monday, world powers met in Vienna for the sixth round of talks this year to discuss how to revive the deeply flawed nuclear deal with Iran, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). That is, all major powers except for the United States because Iran refuses to meet face-to-face with U.S. diplomats. As a result, the American delegation participated “indirectly” from a nearby hotel.

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BLM’s radical Christmas wish list

Political and social divisions in the United States are the worst they have been in decades. Despite our differences, however, Christmas continues to serve as a great uniter and a reminder of the power of kindness and the importance of family.

Each Christmas, tens of millions of American households gather together to celebrate the holiday season, share memories and meals with one another, and — in the case of Christian families — attend church services that direct their attention to the deeper meaning behind the holiday season.

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Education freedom is a political winner in 2022. Time to give parents school choice

Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin’s resounding victory in deep-blue Virginia sent shockwaves through the national Democratic Party apparatus. Youngkin took down former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, in an election that pitted two fundamentally different views of education against one another.

Given the obvious popularity of the Youngkin position on education – one that puts power back into the hands of parents – lawmakers at the federal level should reconsider a Trump-era education bill that did not make it through Congress during President Trump’s time in the White House: the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act, or “EFS.”

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Joe Concha: Biden’s the absentee president when it comes to media

This article was adapted from Joe Concha’s video commentary.

President Biden would do more interviews … But Jen Psaki says he’s just too darn busy!

Did you see this exchange at the White House press briefing this week? Let’s look at that packed schedule.

9:30 AM; receive daily briefing. 10:15 AM; deliver a speech on jobs. 12:15 PM; lunch with the Vice President. Five hours later at 5:30 PM; off to Band Camp – sorry, Camp David – for a restful weekend.

Boy, I’m exhausted just reading that schedule.

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Congress must investigate Hunter Biden – and those protecting him. Here’s why

Despite every effort of the Biden administration, the Justice Department, the congressional Democrats and the propaganda media, Hunter Biden is going to end up being investigated – and the impact on President Joe Biden, his administration and his legacy is going to be enormous.

As more stories about Hunter Biden’s meetings with foreign agents in Serbia, China and elsewhere come out, serious scrutiny will become unavoidable.

The evidence is overwhelming that Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine, Russia and China have direct national security implications.

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