Joe Concha: Biden’s the absentee president when it comes to media

This article was adapted from Joe Concha’s video commentary.

President Biden would do more interviews … But Jen Psaki says he’s just too darn busy!

Did you see this exchange at the White House press briefing this week? Let’s look at that packed schedule.

9:30 AM; receive daily briefing. 10:15 AM; deliver a speech on jobs. 12:15 PM; lunch with the Vice President. Five hours later at 5:30 PM; off to Band Camp – sorry, Camp David – for a restful weekend.

Boy, I’m exhausted just reading that schedule.

Of course, Psaki is insulting your collective intelligence. Again.

With modern technology, the president can be piped into any newsroom, any channel, big or small, any time!

And on most days, his day is over before the stock market rings the closing bell.

There’s plenty of time for 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there. Instead, the president has done just one local interview in the past several weeks. He’s done just 12 one-on-one interviews since taking office.


That chilling threat to press freedom, Donald Trump, had sat down for more than 50 one-on-ones at this point of his presidency.

Barack Obama, more than 100 interviews, albeit those of the cotton candy conversation variety.

As a result, at least partially, Biden is seen as disconnected with the American people. Canned speeches and running from reporters are having a real impact.

He looks afraid and lacking in confidence.

But don’t expect things to change for a president who’s just too busy to be held accountable for his actions as, you know, leader of the free world.

The absentee president. That’s President Biden.

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